World -1

World -1

World -1
is the name given to the Glitch level that appears in Chapter 1. It is unlocked by reaching Bandage Girl whenever she is "glitched". However, this can only occur after Lil' Slugger has been defeated, and it happens extremely rarely. Beating this level will count (1%) towards the total percentage.

The style of the level is unlike most other warp zones. The player must use Meat Boy to clear 1 long level instead of 3 short levels with just 3 lives. After encountering it for the first time, it can be selected at any time by going left from 1-1. Beating the level will earn the player an achievement in the Steam version of the game like world -2,3,4,5,6.

Mysterious "Glitch" inside the Glitch level and secret Warp ZoneEdit

Sometimes when you enter this level, there will be a glitchy block that lets you enter inside the wall. After that, meat boy will slowly fall until he goes off the screen and dies.

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When you return to the chapter map, there will be a new Warp Zone at the left of the Glitch level. The level inside of it is randomly generated and is somehow bizarre. Also, it cant be beaten, because there is no Bandage Girl on this level. The level can be seen clicking here.



  • World -1 is actually a reference of a glitch in the original Super Mario Brothers, called the Minus World. It makes the player go through an endless level.
  • There is at least one invisible block to the left of the starting platform over the water.
  • Beating this level grants the achievement "N#7*1!23" on the Steam 



Invisible block

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