A warp zone is a wormhole found on some levels, that disappears after a certain amount of time. If the player touches it, Meat Boy gets sucked in and the announcer says "WARP ZOOONE!!!". Once unlocked, the warp zone cannot be re-locked on the map. Warp zones consist of three small levels. There are two types of warp zones:

Bandage Warp ZoneEdit

The bandage warp zone appears three times per world. (2 in the light world, 1 in the dark world) When entered, the player needs to beat three retro-style levels with two bandages with Meat Boy with only three lives. Fortunately, your lives are brought back up to three when you beat a stage. If the player acquires a bandage in one of these, he/she needs to beat the entire warp zone to keep it. They can be either 8-bit, 4-bit, or Gameboy style. When viewing them from the map, they are purple in the light world, and black vice-versa. They do not appear in Chapter 6 or 7. When beaten, some characters saying "Sorry Meat Boy but Bandage Girl is in another Warp Zone" are: two blocks, one blue, and another pink, Capitan Viridian, Runman, a guy with a mask, a light blue creature, a green guy, Tommy and Edmund, Spewer, Pico, Tim in his shadow form, Steven, Gomez, the kid and the moon, Pickle Man, Florian Himsl, Karioshi protagonist, Jill, Knytt, the protagonist of and all start to fall, and GameBoy Bandage Girl saying "Thanks Meat Boy!" and then "oh noes!!" transforming into a creature and walking away.

Character Warp ZoneEdit

The character warp zone appears once per world. You get unlimited lives, and you play as a new character. There are the usual three levels, and you must use the character's special ability to beat the level. There's also an introduction to the character. Once you beat the warp zone, the character you played as in the warp zone becomes unlocked. When being viewed from the map, or when entering one, they are red. Like Retro Warp Zones, these also don't appear in Chapters 6 or 7.

List of Warp ZonesEdit

The Forest:

The Hospital:

The Salt Factory:


The Rapture:


  • If the player finds a warp zone with a character besides Meat Boy, no character is shown.



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