Tim is the protagonist of indie title Braid, a game available on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. He's an unlockable character for the XBLA, PS4/PSVita and Wii U/Switch versions of Super Meat Boy by collecting 50 bandages.

You can also play as tim in the PC/Steam version of the game. In the character select screen, just type "outtatime" and choose any character. (You won't hear "Push the buttons!" but it still works.)

He has the ability to rewind time 3 seconds. This can be used for Bandages as once one is obtained, rewinding time will not make it appear again. He cannot rewind time however if he dies, and he also cannot run.

Unlocking him in the Xbox 360 version will get the achievement "Business Time".

You can also use Tim to kill the Burnt Boy (Zombie Meat Boy) and Oob enemies from Rapture by getting hit by them while rewinding. However, Oob enemies will freeze and can still kill you if you touch him.

Some bandages are also nearly impossible to get without him or a character that can double jump

Con: Tim can't run (But he is pretty fast on his own.)

Bugs Edit

If you use his rewind time ability at the right moment when you die, The timer will stay at zero, but he will be floating in the air. If you manage to get to a platform in this state, You can complete the level with a time of 0.00.

If you rewind time and hold The sprint button at the beginning of the level, He will repeat the spawn animation and the sound will play too. This will end as soon as you stop holding the sprint button.

Tim can be used to clip through moving platforms or appearing and disappearing Platforms and walls, but letting go of the sprint button will immediately warp you out of the platform.

Trivia Edit

The "rewind potion" shown in Tim's description and artwork is possibly a reference to a video in which Soulja Boy plays Braid, referring to his ability as a "going back in time potion."

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