The Ninja is the main character in N, N+, and N++. He is unlocked after collecting 100 bandages for the XBLA, PS4/PSVita, and Wii U versions of Super Meat Boy. He has many advantages over Meat Boy. His ability is to sprint, which will make him as fast as most other characters, but if you press both dash buttons, he will tilt his head to gain an amazing speed, enough to surpass Naija, RunMan, and Meat Boy for speedrun reasons. He's also very light, thus giving him amazing aerial control on fans and in mid-air. The only advantage Meat Boy has over him is that he doesn't slide up walls as far as Meat Boy. This makes him useless in wall jumping levels.

His physical appearance in the game is an incarnation of how he looks in his own series, a black stickman with two red bandanas.

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