Super Meat Boy - The Kid Christmas Xmas Mini Chapter

Super Meat Boy - The Kid Christmas Xmas Mini Chapter


1-4, "Underwear"

The Kids Xmas is a chapter in Super Meat World made by Team Meat. It expands more on the kid's warp zone idea by making extremely difficult level's which test the players use of the double jump. This is considered to be the hardest level Team Meat has made even for the most experienced players. This level contains two unlockable achievements. The first one, The Kid's Xmas, is unlocked by doing any of the five levels in the chapter. The second one, The Golden Gift, is unlocked by doing the whole chapter without taking a break (i.e exiting the chapter at any point). It should also be noted that if you press escape upon level completion no progress to the achievement is made.


The Kids Xmas contains 5 levels. Despite being in small quantity they are all very difficult, even for experts mainly, due to significant amount of backtracking. Every one of the levels has a bandage which will further test the player's use of the double jump.  

  • I-1, "Fruit Cake" 
  • I-2, "Socks" 
  • I-3, "Sweater" 
  • I-4, "Underwear" 
  • I-5, "Lump Of Coal" 


  • In I-3, "Sweater", you can jump over the pillars on top of the level. This makes "The Kid's Xmas" achievement relatively easy to get. Be warned, you can die by jumping too high.
  • I-5 is considered a very lazy chapter as only the characters are changed from The Kids Warp Zone 1
  • If you press escape instead of enter when finishing a level it does not register as part of the achievement
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