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The Jump Man! - Stage 1

The Jump Man!

The Jump Man! is the character warp zone found in Chapter 3: The Salt Factory, and is accessible through Level 3-16, Mono. In this warp zone you get to play as a new character, Ogmo. After beating it, he is permanently unlocked.

The Jump Man! is likely one of the easiest warp zones to unlock, because you literally just have to jump once to another platform, and wait for it to come to you... This is surprising, since it's in Chapter 3.

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The Jump Man! - Stage 2

Ogmo is commonly characterized as looking like a more "derpy" version of 
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The Jump Man! - Stage 3

Meat Boy. He has the ability to double jump, by pressing the jump button a second time in mid-air. However, his regular jumps are short and slow. Also, he makes an 8-bit style sound effect when jumping. Ogmo is a reference to another platformer, named Jumper.


This warp zone consists of three stages (which you have unlimited lives for), and all revolve around Ogmo's ability to double jump. For some, it is extremely difficult to complete.

Just know that you need perfect precision and timing to succeed... and, with time, you'll eventually beat it.

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