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The Guy! level 3

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"The Guy!" is a character warp zone required to unlock The Kid found in Chapter 5: The Rapture. It is one of the most challenging warp zones in the game due to a new gimmick being introduced, very little room for error, and the difficulty of the original game, "I Wanna Be The Guy", which the level is modeled after.

It is located in stage 5-7.

The first level consists of screen-high, thin pillars covered in spikes, followed by long jumps over spiked floors. there are exactly five safe spots to stand in and take a break, one of which is the spawn point and another being the location of Bandage Girl. 

The second level consists of four columns with spikes in them that can be traveled through. Each column has a moving platform passing up/down through it, which can be ridden through the spikes with precise movement. Between the second and third columns, a spiked corridor is at the top of the stage, and must be navigated. 

The final level consists of three corridors, one on top of the other. Each corridor has spikes at the top and bottom, in different positions for each corridor. The real challenge of the level comes from the spikes that are flung through the corridors at high speeds, leaving a one-block wide gap at the top of the corridor that is safe.

Note: Bug : You sometimes fall through the platform in the second level...