The Commander! - Stage 1


The Commander! - Stage 2


The Commander! - Stage 3

The Commander! is the character warp zone found in Chapter 1: The Forest,  and is accessible through Level 1-12, Revolve. In this warp zone you get to play as a new character, Commander Video. After beating it, he is permanently unlocked. 

The Commander!-- like most character warp zones-- is much harder than most levels in its chapter, and may pose as a great difficulty to newer players.

Commander Video-- as well as the level in which he is introduced-- are fashioned in a very simplistic style. He has the ability to hover in place (by pressing and holding the jump button while in mid-air), can move in an exact straight line (by moving while hovering), and creates a "rainbow trail" while doing so. He has a very slow movement speed, and his unique ability is rarely of any use. 

Commander Video is a reference to another platformer, The Bit.Trip Series.


This warp zone consists of three stages (which you have unlimited lives for), and all revolve around Commander Video's ability to hover. For some, it is pretty difficult to complete.

It is very easy compared to later levels, and requires nothing more than basic jumps and hovers. You could easily complete it with okay timing.


Plot twist? Meat Boy can be found in Bit.Trip Runner.

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