Tetanusville is the third world of Super Meat Boy Forever.

New Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Mechanic Image Description Appears in...
The Lab? The Other Side?
Conveyor Belt Moves anything on it in the direction of the arrows. Green is slow, yellow is faster, and red is the fastest.
Scrap Beetle Crawls along and sticks to a surface. If attacked, curls into a ball that can destroy crates.
Key When touched, begins following the player. Unlocks key boxes. If the player exits a chunk with a key, the key will vanish.
Lock Boxes and Key Boxes If the player touches a key box with a key, it, the key, and any lock boxes touching the key box will vanish.
Pipe If the player gets in front of a pipe's end, they will enter the pipe end be sucked to the exit. The player will exit the pipe facing the direction they last traveled in, including while inside the pipe. Some pipes ae one-way.
Container on Crane Hook If attacked by the player, will slam into a new position.
Crane Hook If the player touches the hook, they will grab the hook and ride it up. They will only exit the hook when the jump button is pressed. Once disembarked, a hook cannot be re-grabbed until it returns to its normal position.
Electric Beam Every now and then, fires a beam of electricity.
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