Smb teh internets

Teh Internets

Teh Internets is a world that is automatically unlocked from the beginning of a new game in the XBLA version, while its counterpart for steam is Super Meat World. Teh Internets features both levels made by Team Meat, and by the community. Teh Internets originally allowed Team Meat to add new levels to the game. The steam counterpart allowed users to utilize a Level Editor, to post their levels to the Steam Workshop. There is an achievement for completing a level in 'Teh Internets' only(?) available to the steam version, that level is The Kid's Xmas, it features a balls to the wall difficulty utilizing the unlockable character 'The Kid' from 'I Wanna Be the Guy'.

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  • Like Super Meat World's Forever Alone meme reference, Teh Internets's icon is a reference to the infamous Trollface.
  • This level pack is not applicable to the PS Vita, Wii U, PS4 or Switch versions.

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