Super Meat World is a level portal that the game received after its Steam release, it held a Level Editor which allowed normal players to create levels to be shared with the world without the use of devmode and the forums. This feature was permanently removed shortly after the game's launch because of a number of troll uploads and because Team Meat no longer cared to maintain the servers, but the levels created and uploaded while it was possible are still available to be played. The world map features a blood red Forever Alone face, a contrast to the Teh Internet's green Trollface. The binary in the background on the world map is the same binary on Teh Internets' map, only in red instead of green. Later added was The Unknown, which is a mode that automatically generates a chapter consisting of user-created levels of a chosen difficulty. (Easy, Normal, Difficult, Crazy, Nightmare)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Super Meat World is not accessible on the XBLA/PS4/WIIU versions of Super Meat Boy. This may be because some of the levels on these versions may be nearly impossible because of the controls.
  • The world's face and name display are a reference of the "Forever Alone" meme.
  • When playing the Ultra Edition of Super Meat Boy, Super Meat World is always unlocked - even if the player has no bandages - and has only 5 chapters: Super Potato Boy, Paradise Lost, Butcher Boy, Jumper Returns and Remnants.
  • GLaDOS of the Portal series makes an apperance in the background.
  • In the Linux port (Humble Indie Bundle 4), the chapter is unlocked with 20 bandages.
  • It's the only world that doesn't have a intro cinematic that makes a reference to another game.
  • Uploading levels to Super Meat World has been canceled for over a year, so there is no point in trying to upload levels from the level editor.
  • Two binary strings alternate in the background, 1001010110001011010 which translates to ?? and 0101101000110101001 which translates to Z5, but more notably is the previous string backwards perhaps making ?? and ¿¿.
  • The difficulty selection options are a reference to the game Doom. 
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