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This is a list of all Steam achievements for Super Meat Boy.

Icon Name Description
Wood Boy.jpg Wood Boy Complete The Forest without dying (light world)
Needle Boy.jpg Needle Boy Complete The Hospital without dying (light world)
Salt Boy.jpg Salt Boy Complete The Salt Factory without dying (light world)
Brimstone Boy.jpg Brimstone Boy Complete Hell without dying (light world)
Maggot Boy.jpg Maggot Boy Complete The Rapture without dying (light world)
Dead Boy.jpg Dead Boy Complete The End without dying (light world)
The End.jpg The End Beat the light world
Squirrel Boy.jpg Squirrel Boy Complete the Forest Dark World without dying
Blood Clot Boy.jpg Blood Clot Boy Complete the Hospital Dark World without dying
Missile Boy.jpg Missile Boy Complete the Salt Factory Dark World without dying
Demon Boy.jpg Demon Boy Complete the Hell Dark World without dying.
Zombie Boy.jpg Zombie Boy Complete the Rapture Dark World without dying
Dr.Fetus Boy Complete The End Dark World without dying
The Real End.jpg The Real End Beat the dark world
Suffragette.jpg Suffragette Complete the light world of the Cotton Alley
Seneca Falls.jpg Seneca Falls Complete the Dark World of the Cotton Alley
Girl Boy.jpg Girl Boy Complete The Cotton Alley without dying (light world)
Impossible Boy.jpg Impossible Boy Complete The Cotton Alley Dark World without dying
The Commander.jpg The Commander Unlock Commander Video
The Bootlicker.jpg The Bootlicker Unlock Jill
The Jump man.jpg The Jump man Unlock Ogmo
The Fly guy.jpg The Fly guy Unlock Flywrench
The Kid.jpg The Kid Unlock the Kid
I Have Crabs.jpg I Have Crabs! Unlock the Head Crab (10 bandages)
Metal Head.jpg Metal Head Unlock Josef (30 bandages)
I Smell something Fishy.jpg I Smell something Fishy... Unlock Naija (50 bandages)
MS PAINT RULZ.jpg MS PAINT RULZ! Unlock RunMan (70 bandages)
Vx6.jpg Vx6 Unlock Captain Viridian (90 bandages)
Accidental Arsonist.jpg Accidental Arsonist Unlock Mr. Minecraft/Steve (100 bandages)
Well look at you.jpg Well look at you! You just changed the world! (Real requirement: Input the code petaphile on the character select screen (This will also unlock Tofu Boy))
Kidsxmas.jpg The Kids Xmas! Complete a single level of "The Kids Xmas" chapter in Super Meat World
Thegoldengift.jpg The Golden Gift! Complete all levels in "The Kids Xmas" chapter in Super Meat World IN ONE PLAY SESSION.
Nostalgia.jpg Nostalgia Unlock a single retro warp zone
Living In the Past.jpg Living In the Past Complete 5 retro warp zones
Old School.jpg Old School Complete 10 retro warp zones
Retro Rampage.jpg Retro Rampage Complete all retro warp zones
Glitch Achiev1.jpg N#7*<1!23 8*(@31^
Glitch Achiev2.jpg &*>?1$ 8*(@31^
Glitch Achiev3.jpg (=+66&1$ 8*(@31^
Glitch Achiev4.jpg ^**5%_=+12 8*(@31^
Glitch Achiev5.jpg -0&& 8*(@31^
Glitch Achiev6.jpg N&8^2^%$1`` 8*(@31^
Rare.jpg Rare Spend as little time as possible in The Forest
Mediumrare.jpg Medium Rare Spend as little time as possible in The Hospital
Medium.jpg Medium Spend as little time as possible in The Salt Factory
Mediumwell.jpg Medium Well Spend as little time as possible in Hell
Welldone.jpg Well Done Spend as little time as possible in The Rapture
Golden God.jpg Golden God 100% the game


  • The achievement "I Have Crabs!" Is a possible reference to a sexual term.
  • Golden God is also an achievement in The Binding Of Isaac