RunMan is a character from RunMan: Race Around The World. He can be unlocked with 70 bandages in the PC version. RunMan has the ability to run extremely fast, and even faster when holding down the run button. But, unlike his own game, he doesn't automatically bounce (or ricochet) off walls while holding Shift. RunMan is one of the characters that has an equivalent character on the XBLA version, The Ninja. While both of them have a Super Dash, or Star Dive for RunMan, RunMan doesn't receive the special aerial and running attributes The Ninja gets, but Runman has his own: by Dash Jumping. This occurs when RunMan Star Dives and jumps at the same time, and the jump spans incredible lengths. RunMan is also one of the few characters that conserves characteristics from his games: he keeps his trails when he dashes. It can also be noted that RunMan has many similarities to Starfy (from the Legendary Starfy series).

RunMan is an excellent speedrun character, due to his running speed. He does have his weak points, such as a poor jumping height. This can cause some problems if you accidentally land near a spike: his jump could not be enough to recover from it. You will, but that would actually delay you. As for that, the technique Dash Jumping can come handy in some situations.

Cons: The Star Dive can only be used for a short period of time, and he has a low jump height.

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