Ogmo is a character from Matt Thorson's platformer, Jumper. Ogmo is a failed experiment. He can be unlocked in 3-16 Mono. Ogmo can double jump, but his normal jump is short and slow. Each jump he does also has an 8-bit style sound effect to it, similar to the one Meat Boy has whenever he's in a warp zone.

Information Edit

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Warp Zone Location: The Salt Factory: Level 3-16 "Mono"

Con: Has the second-lowest jump of all characters in Super Meat Boy, after Tofu Boy

Description: "Double Jump! Ripoff!"

Warp Zone Edit

Ogmo's warp zone can be found on the level 3-16 Mono by waiting (and not moving) in the beginning of the level untill the warp zone appears.

Trivia Edit

  • Ogmo is the first unlockable character that can double jump.
  • Sometimes, while you are wall jumping Ogmo may not jump before the actual double jump, but after the wall jump (as if you were on the floor); this may be a glitch.
  • Ogmo is known as "Dumb Meat Boy" internally inside the game's gamedata.dat.
  • Ogmo is likely captioned "Ripoff!" because he is known as "Dumb Meat Boy" and because they look significantly similar.
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