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Meat Ninja is the last unlockable character in the game. He is very similar to Meat Boy, both in speed and physics. Meat Ninja is already running when you move him around, so holding down the Run Button is unnecessary. However, the Run Button can be used to Teleport when Meat Ninja is in danger. Teleportation can only be executed when Meat Ninja is in a deadly situation (right before he's about to die).

Meat Ninja can be hard to control because pressing the Run Button right before his death requires timing. If you're too early or too late you will end up sliced, fried, eaten, or dried.

Pros and Cons[]


  • He can teleport in case he's about to die
  • He can run without pressing the Shift button


  • Teleportation requires timing skills. There is, however, a pause after every teleport.
  • Leaderboards don't work when you play as Meat Ninja.

Description: Teleport! Rotten

How To Unlock[]

You'll need to beat most of the Levels, collect almost all Bandages, and complete almost all of the warp zones in order to unlock Meat Ninja. You don't need to get A+ on all of the Dark World Levels, but earning A+ on Light World Levels is required, due to the fact that this unlocks the Dark World Levels.


  • The description of Meat Ninja in the Character Select screen says "The Future!", meaning Meat Ninja could be some kind of an older version of Meat Boy from the future.
    • This is confirmed in Super Meat Boy Forever.
  • If you A+ a level of any world, there's a very rare chance this might happen: At first the game looks like it freezes, but suddenly, a portrait of Meat Ninja appears on the screen, and above him, it will either say "In the year 20XX...", "I am, and will always be...", "Look to la luna""I smell wet fur" or "Meat me at 100" . The music known as "???" also plays. This may scare many players. Here is a video . (Discovered in the Forest on the Ultra Edition). These lines are a reference to, in order, Mega Man, Star Trek, Mortal Kombat, Spelunky, and the way you unlock him, by getting 100%.
  • Meat Ninja is based on Meat Boy's original design, but the design was eventually scrapped due to similarities to The ninja from N.
  • He can kill Burnt boys by using him dash over them