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The original Meat Boy was a flash game developed by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee that was released to Newgrounds on October 5, 2008. It got a very positive reception, gaining many "10" ratings by the members of the site. This success is what led to the full Super Meat Boy. Some find it hard to go back due to the "inferior" controls (namely Meat Boy's abysmal deceleration, making it incredibly easy to overshoot jumps).

The original Meat Boy has only 4 chapters: The Forest, The Salt Factory, Hell, and the Expert Chapter.

Later making the Map Pack which contains 5 new chapters, 4 new characters, and 3 new endings.

Meat Boy was later included in another one of Edmund McMillen's games, The Basement Collection, a collection of Edmund McMillen's flash games with major improvements. The Basement Collection is possibly named after the first level in The Binding of Isaac.

  • Some of the content on this page is from the Meat Boy Map Pack, which is also a flash game and an extra in The Basement Collection.



Endings 2, 3, and 4 are exclusive to Meat Boy Map Pack.

  • Hot booty : The music played is Cramming for College by Ron Jeremy from the album, Porno Sonic.) First, it shows the ending part for Ending 1. Meat Boy winks. The screen fades to black and then it shows Meat Boy having sex with Bandage Girl. After a few seconds of this, Meat Boy shakes and explodes. Bandage Girl then looks unimpressed (The music will play continuously until the player watches an ending, or plays a level).
  • Ending 1: Dr. Fetus stops with Bandage Girl, and Meat Boy also stops. Dr. Fetus punches Bandage girl just to make Meat Boy feel bad. Dr. Fetus then flips Meat Boy off, making Meat Boy become mad. Finally, Dr. Fetus takes a poop in front of Meat Boy. After this, Bandage Girl beats Dr. Fetus up while Meat Boy enjoys it, then finishes him but squishing his little body under her foot. Bandage Girl then hugs Meat Boy, and he winks.
  • Ending 2: The same, but when Dr. Fetus poops in front of on Meat Boy, a voice that says "IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR!!!" is heard. (resembling the internet meme, Shoop Da Whoop) Dr. Fetus then fires a "poop" lazer from his butt, killing Meat Boy, then creating a nuclear explosion. Despite the blast from the nuclear explosion, Dr. Fetus appears unscathed. Dr. Fetus then pooped forcefully.
  • Ending 3: Dr. Fetus stops with Bandage Girl, but instead of Meat Boy slowing down and stopping, his blood made him slip. The result is him falling in lava. Then Dr. Fetus punches Bandage Girl, making her fall too.
  • Ending 4: It begins like first two endings, only this time when Dr. Fetus punches Bandage Girl, Meat Boy becomes enraged and charges towards Dr. Fetus, who in turn charges towards Meat Boy. The screen fades to white as the two leap in the air about to clash with each other. It then cuts back to the scene where it now shows Meat Boy having ### with Dr. Fetus. The scene ends with Bandage Girl jumping off the ledge and into the lava. 

Trivia Edit

  • There are no bandages in flash version of Meat Boy. There are bandaids instead.
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