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Meat Boy jumped with all his might! But came up short... faling into a sea of saws. AND MEAT BOY WAS KILLED! Over... and over... and over... again. But Meat Boy didn't care because he was awesome. A true hero!

Super Meat Boy prequel comic

Meat Boy is the eponymous protagonist of Meat Boy and the Super Meat Boy series. He is a skinned human who is technically immortal, reappearing alive shortly after any time he dies. He is the boyfriend of Bandage Girl and the father of Nugget. Dr. Fetus is his arch-enemy.

Meat Boy appears in every game in the series, almost always as a playable character. In every game where he is playable, he is unlocked from the start, and is sometimes the only character with that distinction.

General information[]


Meat Boy is a skinned, cube-shaped human made almost entirely out of human meat; the exception is his skeletal system, which can only partially be seen in the Flash prototype. His body is a deep red, including his stubby legs and arms. His hands have four fingers each.

In various key art and other depictions, Meat Boy is shown with one or more missing teeth, one or two black eyes, and scars and bandages.


In general, Meat Boy is shown to be friendly and easily able to relax and take it easy, but is also heroic and very determined to rescue his loved ones when they are in danger. He tends to take things in stride, seemingly not minding whenever he dies, because he's "awesome" and giving a thumbs up after the completion of a chapter. He can also be pretty cheeky, such as when he mockingly waves at Dr. Fetus when his plans fail.

In Super Meat Boy Forever, Meat Boy becomes the father to Nugget, and a more authoratative side is seen from him. Compared to the more jovial and carefree Bandage Girl, Meat Boy is a little more protective and strict, keeping Nugget from crawling away and scolding her for giving a butterfly the finger.


Meat Boy fell in love with his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, at first sight. With him being a massive wound and Bandage Girl being made of what heals wounds, the two complete each other. Once the two have Nugget, the three become very close as a family.

Meat Boy and Dr. Fetus have been arch-enemies ever since the latter kidnapped Bandage Girl during the events of Super Meat Boy. Despite this, Dr. Fetus seems to have much more of a vendetta against Meat Boy than vice-versa, taking extreme joy in killing him to the point of creating clones just to do so.

Despite coming off as intimidating and antagonistic upon his creation, Brownie ended up on good terms after Meat Boy tried to save Brownie from the rising salt in his boss level, to the point of sacrificing his life to save Meat Boy in The End. In Super Meat Boy Forever, Brownie and Meat Boy (as Meat Ninja) are seen as friendly rivals, racing against each other in The Other Side for fun. The two are good friends, despite Meat Boy's occational disgust due to Brownie's fecal nature.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Immortality: Upon death, Meat Boy will quickly respawn at a nearby point. Most, if not all dead Meat Boys end up as corpses in Hell.
  • Acrobatics: Meat Boy can run very fast, jump far, and perform wall-jumps in quick succession.
  • Slipperiness: Meat Boy can slide up walls with ease using his blood as a lubricant.
  • Strength/Combat skills: In Super Meat Boy Forever, Meat Boy is shown to be able to fight. Typically, he throws punches at enemies via dashing, sliding, or diving. These punches are strong enough to knock people away.
  • Resillience: As of Super Meat Boy Forever, Meat Boy is more durable against certain hazards, such as needles, glass, and acid.


  • Sensitive body: Having no skin, Meat Boy is extremely sensitive to certain hazards that would otherwise be harmless, like salt.



Meat Boy was initially conceptualized as Meat Ninja by Edmund McMillen. However, the ninja appearance was removed from the character during development of the Meat Boy prototype due to visual and gameplay similarities to The Ninja from N, another Flash game. The ninja aesthetic would later be re-implemented as a 100% completion bonus character for Super Meat Boy. Meat Ninja was designed from the very beginning to be a skinless human so that his girlfriend, Bandaid Girl, would complement him well.

Meat Boy[]

Super Meat Boy[]

A retelling of the Flash prototype, Dr. Fetus beats Meat Boy up when they first meet, and kidnaps Bandage Girl.

Super Meat Boy Forever[]

A few years later, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have introduced their infant daughter, Nugget, into their lives. While the three were enjoying a picnic, Dr. Fetus attacked Meat Boy and Bandage Girl with a shovel, grabbed Nugget, and ran off. When the couple came to and couldn't find Nugget, they immediately gave chase.

Dr. Fetus' Mean Meat Machine[]

The original Meat Boy makes a cameo appearance in Dr. Fetus' Mean Meat Machine on a piece of paper that Dr. Fetus rips to shreds when tinkering with a sawblade launcher. All other appearances of Meat Boy in this game are clones, imperfect or otherwise, created by Dr. Fetus.


Meat Boy (+ Map Pack)[]

In Meat Boy, Meat Boy is the only character unlocked at the start (and one of the few in the map pack expansion). Meat Boy's controls serve as the template for the other playable characters in this game, each having the same movement as him.

Super Meat Boy[]

In Super Meat Boy, Meat Boy is the only character unlocked at the start, and is available in all versions. He has no unique abilities, but is faster than most playable characters, has a solid jump, and a fast wall-jump. He leaves behind blood everywhere he goes, including on sawblades he dies to.

Meat Boy is the only playable character in boss levels, most Warp Zones, and The End. In Warp Zones, he takes on a retro appearance based on the Warp Zone.


Meat Boy/Gallery



  • Team Meat confirmed on Twitter that Meat Boy can circumcise and uncircumcise himself at will, referring to this ability as Schrodinger's foreskin.[1]
  • As confirmed by Edmund McMillen in a tweet, Meat Boy has testicular torsion.
  • Meat Ninja was speculated to be Meat Boy from the future. With his appearance in Super Meat Boy Forever, this is confirmed.

Other appearances and cameos[]

  • Super Tofu Boy: Meat Boy appears as the main antagonist in Super Tofu Boy, a parody of the Flash prototype created by euthanasia company PETA.
  • BIT.TRIP RUNNER series: Meat Boy appears as one of Commander Video's heroic allies.
  • ilomilo: Meat Boy appears as a cameo in the level "the incredible mr. Pork" where he is nicknamed "Pork Beast" and "Mr. Steak" by Sebastian, the game's tutorial character.
  • The Binding of Isaac (+ Rebirth): The Cube of Meat appears as a collectible passive item in The Binding of Isaac, another Edmund McMillen game. Starting out as a protective orbital, collecting more Cubes of Meat will eventually create Meat Boy himself.
  • Indie Pogo: Meat Boy was introduced as a playable fighter in Indie Pogo post-launch.


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