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Larrie's Lament

Larrie's Lament is the collective name of the bosses of The Rapture. They are the penultimate boss of the game(ironically the second easiest.) and a post-Little Horn boss. They are three giant maggots that dig in and out of the ground. The only way to kill them is to make them jump into the saws on the sides of the walls.

They also make a cameo in Super Meat Boy forever in a Mortal Kombat bonus - style warpzone, where you need to go up a platforming section before Larry does, so that you can break a different object.


  • They pop out of the ground at random locations, but they usually appear where you are standing.
  • They surface the top halves of their bodies to move from one side of the arena to the other.
  • They jump out of the ground and home in on you. Once you kill one of the worms, they will send maggots flying in different directions.


The easiest way to kill them is to wall jump off the left side of the left platform, taking you through the blades, so you only have to jump over the projectiles.


  • According to the Ultra Edition manual, the Larries Lament is actually three giant maggots all named Larry.
  • Larrie's Lament is mentioned in The Binding of Isaac.
    • In the credits, three Larries come out of a dead Larry. They are believed to be Larry Jr.s.
      • Larry Jr. is a boss in The Binding of Isaac and its remake The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
  • It's actually possible to get outside of the battle area by carefully jumping between the saws. Instead of avoiding the bosses and luring them into the saws, you can just stand there and wait while the bosses jump into the saws.
  • The random attacks make this the only boss level to take a random amount of time to complete.