Josef is the main character of Machinarium. He's a playable character in the PC version of the game and can be unlocked by collecting 30 bandages.

Josef also tends to stick to walls. Repeated wall jumps allow Josef to maneuver in hard to reach spots or to skip certain parts of a level.

In a poll on the Super Meat Boy forums, Josef was voted as the worst character in either version of the game. Out of 125 votes, Josef got 29 votes (23.2%), nearly double of the character in second place (Headcrab got 15 votes).

If you enjoy speedrunning, a good tactic is by clicking the jump button two times, very quickly. This will activate the super jump of Josef and will allow it to jump 3 times its height.

Trivia Edit

  • Josef is a Czech variation of the name Joseph, because the game Machinarium is created in the Czech Republic
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