The Cotton Alley is the last
Ch 7

Chapter 7 Light World

and hardest chapter in Super Meat Boy. Unlike other chapters, the only playable character is Bandage Girl, who is now trying to rescue Meat Boy.

This is the only chapter not to have a boss, glitch level, or Bandages (if the PC version is being played). Players will need to beat The Cotton Alley if they want the Suffragette (Light World) and Seneca Fall (Dark World) achievements and it will need to be beaten 100% if the player wants to unlock Meat Ninja and reach the final total percentage (106% for the XBLA version and the PC version).

In order to give Bandage Girl a similar journey to that of Meat Boy in both difficulty and length, it was decided that all of the challenge and difficulty of Cotton Alley's levels would come from the hardest elements of past Meat Boy levels. It was intended for the games cute graphics and upbeat music to throw the player off of the impending difficulty, which explains why everything is overly feminine. So one could technically call Cotton Alley "Super Meat Boy" in a nutshell.

One thing players have noted is that many of the Dark World levels are easier then their Light World counterparts, or are about the same in difficulty. Only a few Dark World levels are legitimately harder. For example, the last Dark World level is simply the player going backwards with very, very slow saw blades coming down.

The intro cutscene for this world is a reference to Ghosts 'n Goblins on the NES.

The music in this chapter are:

Light World: McLarty Party People (PC/XBoX)/ Cotton Candy (PS4/WiiU)

Dark World: McLarty Party People (PC/XBoX)/ Bandage Girl Boogie (PS4/WiiU)

Light World LevelsEdit

  1. Pink Noise
  2. Run Rabbit Run
  3. Spinal Tap
  4. Stag
  5. Tommunism
  6. Panic Attack
  7. Tunnel Blower
  8. Pig Latin
  9. Hatch
  10. Bullet Bob
  11. Train Eater
  12. Peel
  13. Pepto
  14. Watchtower
  15. Lock Out
  16. Hopscotch
  17. Lead Sheets
  18. Oobs Revenge
  19. The Rash
  20. 4 Letter Word

Dark World LevelsEdit

  1. White Noise
  2. Flipside
  3. Organ Grinder
  4. The Tower
  5. Waiting Room
  6. Bone Machine
  7. Going Up
  8. In Line
  9. Salt Shaker
  10. Masterblaster
  11. Thumb
  12. Pink (Bandage (XBLA only))
  13. Bleach
  14. 20/20
  15. Patience
  16. Curls
  17. Bullet Proof
  18. They Bite
  19. XOXO
  20. Brag Rights


  • The levels are sorted according to the chapter their hazards belong to. Levels 1-4 have hazards from the Forest, levels 5-8 from the Hospital, levels 9-12 from the Salt Factory, levels 13-15 from Hell and levels 16-19 from the Rapture. 4 Letter Word/Brag Rights could possibly be based on The End.
  • This is the only chapter where there is no boss.
  • This is the only chapter where Bandage Girl is playable.
  • In the game files, this chapter is referred to as a bonus world rather than world 7.