Ch 6

Chapter 6 Light World

The End is the penultimate chapter in Super Meat Boy, and the end of the story. This chapters theme is set on a series of floating islands, with a very limited range of hazards (restricted to buzzsaws, spikes in the first level, Dr. Fetus's missile and falling off the edge)

This chapter is odd in that it only has a total of 15 levels (5 Light World levels, 5 Dark World levels, Glitch level, Light World Boss, Light World Escape, Dark World Boss and Dark World Escape). It also lacks bandages and any kind of warp zone. Despite the lack of levels, each level has a par time of 30 seconds or more (6-3X has the longest par time at 70 seconds).

This level is considered by many to be easy especially coming from "Hell". The main difficulty is that the levels are significantly more time consuming, so death is less of a slap on the wrist. The same goes for the Dark World which - while harder - still isn't as hard as anything "Hell" can offer.

To unlock the Light World boss, all 5 levels must be beaten. To unlock the Dark World boss, 85 of the 125 Dark World levels in the entire game must be beaten.

The music for this Chapter is as follows: "It Ends 2: End Harder" for both Light and Dark World levels, "Carmeaty Burana" for the boss fight with Dr. Fetus, "Escape!" for the part after the boss fight and "Hot Damned RETRO" for World -6.

The opening movie is a reference to the start of Pokémon Red/Blue on the Game Boy.

Light World LevelsEdit

  1. The Pit
  2. Schism
  3. Echoes
  4. Gently
  5. Omega

Dark World LevelsEdit

  1. Detox
  2. Ghost Tomb
  3. From Beyond
  4. Maze of Ith
  5. No Quarter

Other LevelsEdit

  1. Dr. Fetus (Light World)
  1. Dr. Fetus (Dark World)
  1. World -6



  • Instead of being black and white, like other worlds, the name display for the world is white and black. This could be a reference to the TV show "LOST," in which every show ended with a black screen except for the penultimate season finale. This episode ended with a white screen.
  • Unlike the other worlds, the soundtrack played during this world's level select has nothing to do with the actual world's soundtrack, instead it's adapted from the Rapture Dark World music "Dr. Fetus's Castle". The music played at the opening cutscene and the glitch world music are also taken from other worlds as well. The implication, along with the naming of the music, was that the track "Dr. Fetus's Castle" was originally intended for this chapter.
  • In another game, The Binding of Isaac, the harbinger Death has a similar face to that of the planet.
  • You are forced to play as Meat Boy in this chapter, you cannot play any other characters.
  • The End is the only chapter that has an Dark Mode Boss