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Chapter 5 (World Select Screen)

Rapture is the fifth world in Super Meat Boy. It goes with a depressing, post-apocalyptic, urban setting, and was presumably created in the aftermath of the explosion seen at the end of the previous world's last cutscene.

The opening cut-scene for this chapter is a reference to Mega Man 2 for the NES.

The music in this chapter are:

Light World: It Ends (PC/Xbox)/ Steak Thru The Heart (PS4/WiiU)

Dark World: It Ends with a Whimper (Xbox)/ Dr. Fetus' Castle (PC)/ Dream Meater (PS4/WiiU)

Boss: Larries Lament (PC/Xbox)/ Meat Yer Maker (WiiU/PS4)

This chapter includes 4 warp zones. (1 character warp zone and 1 Dark World warp zone.) The new hazards in the Rapture include Burnt Boys, Oobs, maggots, buzzsaw projectiles which can aim at Meat Boy and 4-way rocket launchers which rotate by 45 degrees after firing. Buzzsaws and missiles also appear often in these levels. Buttons, Repulsors (originally supposed to be 'Attracterps') and gravity coils (or magnets) are also introduced in these levels.

Light World Levels[]

  1. The Witness (Skyscraper Warp Zone, 2 bandages)
  2. Evangel
  3. Ripe Decay (Bandage)
  4. Rise
  5. Panic Switch (Bandage)
  6. Left Behind
  7. The Fallen (The Guy! Warp Zone)
  8. Descent
  9. Abomination (Bandage)
  10. Grinding Mill
  11. Heretic
  12. 10 Horns (Sunshine Island Warp Zone, 2 bandages) (Bandage)
  13. The Lamb
  14. King Carrion
  15. The Flood
  16. Rotgut (Bandage)
  17. The Kingdom
  18. Gate of Ludd (Bandage)
  19. Wrath
  20. Judgment (Bandage)

Dark World Levels[]

  1. The Clot
  2. Loomer
  3. Spank
  4. Alabaster (Bandage)
  5. Nix (Bandage)
  6. Ripcord
  7. Downpour
  8. Downer (Bandage)
  9. Swine
  10. Pulp Factory (Bandage)
  11. Blight (Bandage)
  12. Canker
  13. Halo of Flies
  14. Necrosis
  15. Choke
  16. Coil
  17. Millenium (Bandage)
  18. Stain (Bandage)
  19. Magog
  20. Quietus (Meat is Death Warp Zone, 2 bandages)

Other Levels[]

  1. Skyscraper Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  2. The Guy! Character Warp Zone (The Kid)
  3. Sunshine Island Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  4. Meat is Death Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  5. -5 Glitch Level
  6. Larries Lament Boss Level


  • Most of the chapter's light world levels are named after terms and names in Christianity, such as Evangel, Heretic, 10 Horns, King Carrion, etc. hence the world's name, Rapture.
  • It Ends (the PC/XBoX Light World theme) is actually a remix of the original Hell theme from the Meat Boy flash game.