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The Hospital on the chapter select screen

The Hospital is the second world in Super Meat Boy. This world is themed like an abandoned hospital with rivers of blood and seas of needles, and introduces the player to the first enemies in the game, Dust Bunnies and Betus. Other hazards include fans that can push the player higher and lasers that will kill the player on contact.

After beating at least 17 levels, the boss of this world is activated, called C.H.A.D., a giant contaminated mass of blood and tissue that simply loves Meat Boy too much to let him leave. Meat Boy must evade the pool of blood and C.H.A.D. until he gets to the top and unblock the sunlight, which will shrink C.H.A.D. down, beating the boss and unlocking Chapter 3.

The music in this chapter are:

Light World: Betus Blues (PC/Xbox)/ Bedside Manner (PS4/Wii U)

Dark World: C.H.A.D.'s Broken Wind (PC/Xbox)/ Lights Out (PS4/Wii U)

Boss: C.H.A.D.'s Lullaby (PC/Xbox)/ 165° (Wii U/PS4)

Levels (Light World)[]

  1. Biohazard
  2. One Down (Bandage)
  3. Memories
  4. Blew
  5. Big Empty (Bandage)
  6. The Grain
  7. Hush
  8. The Sabbath (The Bootlicker! Warp Zone (Jill))
  9. Blood Swamp
  10. Johnny's Cage (Bandage)
  11. Ghost Key
  12. Above (Castle Crushers Warp Zone, 2 Bandages(both in warp zone))
  13. Ulcer Pop (Bandage)
  14. Aunt Flo
  15. Gallbladder (The Blood Shed Warp Zone, 2 Bandages(both in warp zone))
  16. Synj (Bandage)
  17. Worm Food
  18. Destructoid (Bandage)
  19. Six Feet
  20. Day Breaker (Bandage)

Levels (Dark World)[]

  1. Back Track
  2. Pinkeye Falls
  3. Buzzzzcut
  4. Blown (Bandage)
  5. Agent Orange (1977 Warp Zone, 2 bandages)
  6. Cher Noble (Bandage)
  7. The Moon (Bandage)
  8. Grape Soda
  9. Centipede
  10. The Kracken (Bandage)
  11. Spineless
  12. Grey Matter (Bandage)
  13. Dust Bunnies
  14. Crawl Space
  15. Insurance? (Bandage)
  16. P.S.Y. (Bandage)
  17. Nels Box
  18. Electrolysis
  19. Tenebrae
  20. Solemnity

Other Levels[]

  1. The Bootlicker! Character Warp Zone (Jill)
  2. Castle Crushers Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  3. The Blood Shed Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  4. 1977 Warp Zone (2 Bandages)
  5. World -2 Glitch Level
  6. C.H.A.D. Boss Level


  • The opening cutscene for this chapter is a reference to Castlevania for the NES.
  • "Betus Blues RETRO" is going to be a playable song, which can be downloaded from the Rock Band Network. This also applies to "The Battle of Lil' Slugger" and "Can o' Salt".
  • Edmund McMillen said in a formspring question that his favorite Super Meat Boy song is Betus Blues.
  • The level Johnny's Cage is a reference to the Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage.
  • In the background of the chapter select screen, you can see The Forest that you're leaving behind. This is unique to The Hospital and not done in any other chapter select screen.
  • This and The Forest are only chapters whose cutscene music isn't an 8-bit remix of the level's theme.
  • One of Edmund McMillen's YouTube videos suggests that the hospital either is, or was going to be haunted.
  • The Hospital is the only chapter to have the name of an enemy in one of its songs.
  • The Hospital is the only chapter in the game that has silhouette light world levels.