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The Forest on the chapter select screen.

The Forest is the first world in Super Meat Boy. Due to being the first world, it is fairly straightforward to pass through and is by far the easiest world in both the Dark and Light versions of each level. The first three levels are tutorial-like and familiarize the player with the controls.

The Dark World of The Forest is about the same difficulty as Chapter 2: The Hospital's light world.

After beating at least 17 levels, the boss of this world is unlocked, called Lil' Slugger. Dr. Fetus uses a large vehicle with a chainsaw on the front to try and kill Meat Boy. All Meat Boy has to do is reach the end of the level while dodging the saws and staying ahead of Dr. Fetus. Sprinting is required to stay ahead of him to reach the goal. Once he makes it to safety, Lil' Slugger will break down and the boss level is over; Chapter 2 will be unlocked.

The music for Chapter 1 is as follows: "Forest Funk" for the Light World, "Ballad of the Burning Squirrel" for the Dark World and "The Battle of Lil' Slugger" for the boss.

The intro cinematic for The Forest is a reference to the intro for the arcade version of Street Fighter 2

Levels (Light World)[]

  1. Hello World
  2. Upward
  3. The Gap
  4. Nutshell (Bandage)
  5. Holy Mountain (Warp Zone, 2 bandages(both in warp zone))
  6. Bladecatcher
  7. Diverge (Bandage)
  8. The Bit
  9. Safety Third (Bandage)
  10. The Levee
  11. Fired (Bandage)
  12. Revolve (Warp Zone (Commander Video))
  13. Tommy's Cabin (Bandage)
  14. Blood Mountain
  15. Cactus Jumper
  16. Sidewinder
  17. Morningstar
  18. Altamont (Bandage)
  19. Intermission (Warp Zone, 2 bandages (both in warp zone))
  20. The Test (Bandage)

Levels (Dark World)[]

  1. Oh, Hello(Glitch Level)
  2. Onward
  3. Bzzzzz (Bandage)
  4. Plum Rain
  5. Creamsoda (Bandage)
  6. I Am The Night
  7. Two Roads
  8. Big Red
  9. So Close
  10. Walls (Bandage)
  11. Doused
  12. Fireal
  13. Tommy's Condo (Warp Zone, 2 bandages)
  14. Mystery Spot (Bandage)
  15. Kick Machine (Bandage)
  16. Night Game
  17. The Clock (Bandage)
  18. Whitewash
  19. The Queener (Bandage)
  20. A Perfect End


  • "The Battle of Lil' Slugger" is going to be a playable song, which can be downloaded from the Rock Band Network. This also applies to "Betus Blues RETRO" and "Can o' Salt".
  • The Forest is one of the areas to appear in the Flash game Meat Boy that reappeared in Super Meat Boy. The Light World uses a remixed version of The Forest theme from Meat Boy.
  • The intro cinematic for The Forest is a reference to the intro for the arcade version of Street Fighter 2.
  • In Super Meat Boy: The Game, the Forest's replacement is The Green Hills.
  • The level Sky Pup was named in reference to a song by The Melvins.
  • It is possible to get behind Lil' Slugger during his boss battle. If this happens, Lil' Slugger will continue to walk to the right (eventually until he leaves the map) until the player jumps through the last obstacle.
  • Super Meat Boy Forever was the reason for Mewgenic's being put on hold till SMB:F is completed.
  • This and The Hospital are only chapters whose cutscene music isn't 8-bit remix of the level theme.