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Brownie is a recurring character in the Super Meat Boy series, first appearing in Super Meat Boy. He is a living hunk of human feces created in Meat Boy's image to serve as his rival.

Brownie initially debuts as a boss character, but also as a secret or unlockable playable character in multiple games.

General information[]


Brownie is similar in shape to Meat Boy: He is a brown, cube-shaped hunk of feces with stubby legs and arms, and hands with four fingers each. His eyes and teeth are yellow, possibly made out of corn. He is slightly larger and more muscular than Meat Boy.

In Super Meat Boy Forever, Brownie appears wearing a trenchcoat and hat. In the new art style, he is further differentiated fro Meat Boy, being saggier and wrinklier. Whether or not this is a future version of Brownie like Meat Ninja and Bandage Ripper are is unknown.


In general, Brownie is slightly offputting due to his fecal nature, such as grossing out Meat Ninja with his hand. Upon his creation in his boss level, he is aggressive, shouting at Meat Boy, but upon Meat Boy's attempt to save him, he sees the error of his ways and becomes helpful and sacrificial, giving his life to save Meat Boy in The End.


Super Meat Boy[]

In The Salt Factory's boss level, Dr. Fetus creates Brownie when he poops on the toilet. Brownie emerges from a chamber beneath the toilet and roars at Meat Boy, but is interrruped by Dr. Fetus "finishing his duty" and opening the gates to a wave of salt. Brownie begins to escape, and Meat Boy follows.

After an impromptu race, Meat Boy beats Brownie to the top of the factory, but notices Brownie losing his grip. He saves him just in time, and Brownie is greatful. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop Dr. Fetus from throwing multiple bricks at Brownie, causing him to fall in the sea of salt.

Brownie's immediate whereabouts after these events are unknown, but it's likely that he ended up in Hell like Meat Boy.

After The End's boss level, Brownie saves Meat Boy from being crushed by rubble. Meat Boy exits the castle, but looks back, wanting to save him from the destruction of the castle. Brownie simply looks at Meat Boy, silently telling him to go while he holds up the rubble. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl jump to safety as Brownie dies under the collapse of the castle.

In a mid-credits scene, Brownie emerges from his grave and looks around, confused. He is then hit by the toilet that Dr. Fetus used to create him, presumably dying again.

Super Meat Boy Forever[]

Brownie (who has presumably aged due to Dr. Fetus' time button) appears when Meat Ninja and Bandage Ripper first arrive in The Other Side. He looks up at the couple, only to simultaneously sneeze and fart, much to their disgust.


Super Meat Boy[]

Boss Battle[]

As a playable character[]

How to unlock[]

Brownie can not be unlocked. Instead, he can be played as by entering a code dependent on the version of the game but you have to beat him in the Salt Factory boss race first.

  • PC: Keyboard Down, Keyboard Down, Keyboard Down, Keyboard Esc, Keyboard Esc, Keyboard Esc, Enter
  • Xbox Controller: RB, RB, RB, Button X360 Face B, Button X360 Face B, Button X360 Face B, Button X360 Face X
  • PS4 Controller: R2, R2, R2, Button PS4 Face Circle, Button PS4 Face Circle, Button PS4 Face Circle, Button PS4 Face Square
  • Wii U/ Switch: ZR, ZR, ZR, B, B, B, Button PS4 Face Square

Brownie is available on PC/Mac/Linux, but a controller is necessary to input the code.

After entering the code, a voice should say "Push the buttons!" Then choose any character, and you will be playing as Brownie.

An example of the code working can be found here.


  • The race with Brownie actually pits the player against a developer's playthrough.
  • Brownie strangely comes out of a sort of elevator in the cut scene, which is somehow connected to the pipes of Dr. Fetus's open outhouse.
  • Brownie also appears in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth as a boss. Here, he appears as a giant poop ball with corn.
  • If Brownie makes it to the top before the player, he will freeze in mid-air and the salt flood will disappear. The player, however, will not die and can still beat the boss by reaching the top. This does not, however, change the cutscene. in Version 1.2.5 the salt just Rises faster when Brownie is on the top.
  • Brownie, surprisingly, regenerates just like Meat Boy.
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