• QwertyDude360

    Can somebody explain level -1 1> ._. 1> to me?

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  • Thespringon

    hey guys this is only a theor yfrom emat boy are the characetrs similar to each other? ok lets see now first i start with

    Headcrab/goo ball/gish= the three can grab in the walls and headcrab and gish need 1 to be unlock

    Castle crasher/josef= the two have super jump!

    Spelunky/naija= the two have charge attaack/explosive!

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  • Sockeye.1199


    August 4, 2012 by Sockeye.1199

    The cheapo charecter. Still lives on through his "non-dieing" world.

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  • Benbot


    July 30, 2012 by Benbot


    ...Does anyone have any strategies on how to beat him?

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  • Sockeye.1199

    My Blog Posts

    April 21, 2012 by Sockeye.1199

    Hello im new to bloging so dont blame me if i say something wrong. First of all I have no idea if you are a person so please dont hack into my acount. In other reference please do look at my boring blog posts :). Today I have a speical geust his name is drew so clap your hands in a back and forth motion. Hello im drew, my you tube channle is xxdoubled216xx so check it out. I may have gotten the channle name wrong but it is something like that and don't worry it is ligit

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