Alien Hominid is a character from The Behemoth's game Alien Hominid, created by Tom Fulp, the owner of

He also appears in The Behemoth's game Castle Crashers. Alien Hominid can be unlocked with 30 bandages. He can shoot to boost his jumps or lengthen falls. This makes him jump higher than any other character. However, his regular jump isn't that high. He is like Jill and the Pink Knight combined, except that he can't jump regularly in the air. Alien Hominid was Xbox 360 exclusive until he was released in the PC version of Super Meat Boy with the Ultra edition. He is unlocked by collecting 30 bandages in the PC version, along with Josef from Machinarium. He also appears in Meat Boy.

Age: 1

Con: Jumping height is lower

Description: "Illegal"

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