The Sabbath is the eighth level of The Hospital, and is one of only two silhouette levels in the light world of the main game (the other being 2-12 Above ). Possibly as a way of emphasizing its visual uniqueness, this level seems to be more difficult than other levels around it. The Bootlicker! warp zone, which unlocks Jill, can be found here. Its dark world counterpart is 2-8X Grape Soda, a purple silhouette level and one of the rare Hospital levels which features dissolving blocks.

Many of the platforms in this level are redundant and therefore you don't have to land on every single one. In addition, it is possible to jump into the gap at the beginning before the blob first enters it, which is useful if you're trying to get an A+ on this level or get to the warp zone.

Dark World (2-8X Grape Soda) Edit

This level has trickier jumps and a lavender on purple colour scheme. The hazards are placed so that they're harder to avoid. The tunnel has slightly wonky hit detection, the needle fountain can kill you on a vertical jump if you're standing too close to it. There are three ways to avoid this, be VERY careful, play as a character with a narrow hitbox (Flywrench, Jill, etc.) or take the upper path with a wall jump.

Expert Remix Edit

This level plays similar to the light world version in reverse. There are a few extra hazards to look out for. Probably one of the smallest spikes between LW and ER.

Trivia Edit

  • This level is black, which is a pun on the name "Black Sabbath", an important heavy metal band.
  • The Expert Remix version of this level is the only version not to use the silhouette style.
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