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2-4 Light World

Blew is the fourth level of Chapter 2: The Hospital. In this level there are three fans and a bit of wall jumping

Warp Zone: no

Bandage: no

A+ Time: 9.5-


Approach the first fan to be lifted upwards. Simply wall jump to the left and up, across the the fan on the right to be lifted again. Move left to get to the next fan, then go right to reach Bandage Girl.

Dark WorldEdit

Blown is the fourth level of Chapter 2: The Hospital's dark world. The layout of this level is much like its light equivilant. The difference here is that fans facing right and left may blow you of course into the syringes, or a lower point, below. 

Warp Zone: No

Bandage: Yes

A+ Time: 14.00


Do much the same as you did the first, just go the opposite way of the fans that are trying to blow you off. Try not to go agains the current too hard, or you'll end up flying off into the fan or syringes.

Trivia Edit

  • "Blew" is a song by Nirvana off of their debut album, Bleach.
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