Light WorldEdit

2-1: Biohazard Edit

Biohazard is the first level of Chapter 2: The Hospital. It is also the first level where you have to jump over some sryinges and do some walljumps to reach bandage girl.


Hospital level 1: Biohazard

Bandage: No

A+ Time: 11.00


This level is mostly jumping and wall jumping, so this time you will have to do the best. Try to avoid the syringes and walljump only when you need to.

If you are using Jill for this level, instead of jumping on to the platform next to the syringes, tap the A button (if playing XBOX)rapidly to float to Bandage Girl.

Dark WorldEdit

2-1X: Back Track Edit

Back Track is the dark world counterpart of Biohazard. It is a backwards version of Biohazard and it features some pretty difficult jumps. Also, it is the only level where bandage girl is on the wall.
Back Track

Dark Hospital Level 1: Back Track

Bandage: No

A+ Time: 17:00


Don't Die...


  • Biohazard is the name of an important hardcore/metal band.
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