Start of 2-12

Above is the 12th level of Chapter 2. The level is a jump/movement level making you wait for saws to fire from Saw shooters so you can move from the spot. Castle Crushers can be unlocked on this level.

The key for the warp zone falls after catching the first key. It falls between the start platform and the platform with the warp portal. The key falls from the ceiling platform in between the starting platform and the platform which contains the warp zone.

Bandage: No (2x bandage in Castle Crushers)

A+ Time: 11.00


-If you get the glitched bandage girl without having the warp zone unlocked you can appear, after leaving the glitched level, to be on the warp zone on the map without the warp zone graphic under you and without the warp zone level description or name on the hub.

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