The Bit is the eighth level of Chapter 1. It is similar to the third level The Gap, but the bottom is covered in saws and there is a block in the middle. It is a very straightforward level.


Jump over to the middle platform and wall-jump to the top of it, then jump over to Bandage Girl.There are also 2 more strategies to beating this level.

  1. Jump on the wall on the left and jump off to Bandage Girl. View a video
  2. Jump on the middle platform's side where you spawn/respawn. Then, jump off to the other side off the platform to Bandage Girl.


  • "The Bit" is the name of a song from the band The Melvins.
  • Some of the saws are on a background layer, so it is possible to fall through them. This does nothing for you as you will just fall off the map.

Dark WorldEdit

1-8b DW

1-8X Big RedEdit

Big Red is the dark world version of The Bit. It has mist coming goes from right to left and has a red tint as opposed to the yellow tint of its light world counterpart. It is very different; two platforms on each side are added, one side of each covered in saws; the middle platform has been cut in half, making you go through the middle between saws; and the bottom saws that were transparent are now deadly.

A+ time: 6.00

Bandage: No


Slide up the left wall, then wall-jump around to the safe side of the left platform, then wall-jump to the right platform's safe side through the middle of the saws, and jump around to Bandage Girl. For a better time you can skip the left platform and just jump to the right platform off the far left wall (You have to be sprinting to do this).

You can get an even faster time using Naija on this level, by using her shift power when nearing the middle gap after jumping off the far left wall.

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