Nutshell is the fourth level of the first chapter of Super Meat Boy. It serves to introduce bandages, having one that is incredibly easy to get.


Head up the tunnel and continuously wall jump off the left wall to Bandage Girl. The bandage is obtained by jumping off the left wall onto the right and dropping down to get the bandage.

View a video walkthrough here.

There is not much specific movement that needs to be used for this level in order to fully optimize it. Just move fast and you will get a time of about 5.30 seconds.


  • It is the only level in all of Super Meat Boy that is actually impossible to die on, only with the exception for Mr. Minecraft on PC and Steam, who can remove blocks from the screen, but otherwise, you can't because all the saw blades are blocked off.
  • "Nutshell" is the name of a song from the band Alice in Chains.

Dark WorldEdit

1-4 DW

1-4X Plum RainEdit

Plum Rain is the dark world counterpart to Nutshell. It has many more saw blades than the light world, blocking off the shafts, and the saw blades that weren't accessible now are. It is also raining in the background, and the lights are turned purple.

Bandage: No

A+ time: 12.00


Jump over the saw blades on the bottom, wall-jump up the shafts, jump across the saw blade at the top of the second shaft, and use one long wall-jump to get over the top row of saw blades. At the bottom, it is also possible to go through the gap at the middle-top by wall-jumping off the left wall.

Again, there is not much specific movement that you need to do. However, make sure that you jump off the left wall and through the small gap at the beginning. You need to wall-jump off the left wall at about the 2nd to 3rd block, otherwise you'll just bonk your head on the ceiling. Can be done consistently from 5.30-5.50 seconds, with times at about 5.00 being very rare.

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