SuperMeatBoy 1-20

The Test is the twentieth level of the first world of Super Meat Boy. As the name suggests, it is a test of everything you have learned in Light World Forest.


The first section of the level has you walljumping up a wall while a Saw Shooter fires at you. There are also two stationary saws on the right wall that you must dodge. The second section has you dissolving two layers of dissolve blocks. You must walljump to the blocks, slide down them and then jump back and repeat for the second layer. The final section has you moving down a shaft filled with Saw Shooters. Simply wait for them to finish firing before moving down the shaft.

1-20X: A Perfect EndEdit

This level is the same as the light world counterpart, but the saw blade shooter is shooting upwards now, and there are two sawblades at the breakable blocks. One at the bottom, and one at the top. Break the blocks, go back to the wall you jumped from, break the 2nd wall, and then go to the other side. Once you are there, there are saw blade shooters. Keep moving and jumping over the saw blade shooters, and you will reach Bandage Girl.

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