SuperMeatBoy 1-18

Altamont is the eighteenth level of the first world of Super Meat Boy. It requires you to jump across platforms that have spinning saws on them. This level is a fair bit more difficult than other Forest levels and may provide some trouble for new players. The bandage on this level is located down the right side of the fourth platform from the right. This bandage is probably the most difficult to get of all Light World Forest levels. The easiest way to get it is to walljump from the cliff face to the side of the platform.


View a video walkthrough here.

1-18X: WhitewashEdit

Simple as the light world counterpart, but added with a long swinging saw. The hard way is jumping over to the next block, and avoiding the swinging saw blade. The easy way is to wall jump over the saw blade, and you will reach bandage girl.


  • "Altamont" is the name of a side project of Dale Crover from The Melvins.
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