SuperMeatBoy 1-17

Morninstar is the seventeenth level of the first world of Super Meat Boy. It requires you to scale a cliff and then make a jump across to the opposite side. There will be saws blocking your path on the way up and the jump across is blocked by two spinning saws. There is no bandage in this level.


View a video walkthrough here.

1-17X: The ClockEdit

The Clock is like a straight forward level, just avoid the saws, but at the wall jumping part, there will be a saw blade shooter. Just dodge it, and keep going higher, and once you reach the highest point, you will see a clock-like swinging blades. Just jump across the swinging blades, and you will reach Bandage Girl.


  • If you get glitch girl on this level, you can see sparkling in the right wall from a hidden second bandage girl. She is only reachable with Steve

A hidden bandage girl

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