Sidewinder is the sixteenth level of The Forest. It requires you to vertically ascend and descend three shafts while dodging projectiles shot by saw shooters. It is not a difficult level as there are small alcoves that you can use to hide from the saws.

Hazards: saw shooters

A+ time: 9.00

Bandage: No


While dodging the saw blades, slide down the first shaft, wall-jump up the second and slide down the third. You can slide all the way down the first and third shafts by running into the top metal wall and fall down the rest without pressing any movement keys.

View a video walkthrough here.

Trivia Edit

  • This level may be named after the song "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" by R.E.M., from their eighth album, Automatic for the People.

Dark WorldEdit

1-16X full

1-16X Night GameEdit

Night Game is the dark world version of Sidewinder. It is blacked out with a green background and Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's positions are switched, so you have to go through the level backwards. The middle shaft is also edited to be thinner and has three saw shooters.

Hazards: saw shooters

A+ time: 17.00

Bandage: No


Avoiding the saws, make your way up the first shaft. For the second shaft, go down and stand on the first ledge after the top saw shooter fires, and when the second saw shooter fires, run down the rest of the shaft. For the third shaft, jump to the wall from right next to it, and slide up to the ledge. Slide up the left wall halfway and wall-jump to the right to slide up. Repeat for the last wall.


  • Night Game is the second dark world silhouette level in the game, and one of only three silhouette levels in all of The Forest's 40 levels. (The other two being 1-6X I Am The Night and 1-18X Whitewash.)
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